Create Hyperlapse with your Drone

Hyperlapse will be best if it is calm and a little bit cloudy. If it is cloudy you will get these awesome movements of the clouds.

Let’s start directly with the Settings of your Drone in this example we use the menu of the DJI Spark.

Open Photo menu and choose Timed Shot, set it to 2s. Some say choose 5s but it is up to you ;-).

Choose a white balance setting other than Auto, otherwise, some of your photos may end up with an inconsistent colour cast due to the white balance shifting automatically.

You are all set and you are ready to start your Hyperlapse Photo shooting.
Import your Photos and start editing. (We use Adobe After Effects)
Start a new Project

Click Import
Choose the FIRST image of your Photos
Mark “JPEG Sequence” and click open


Once your Photos are imported create a composition by moving the pictures to the Composition window

Mark your composition in the lower window, right click open Time –> Time Stretch and choose a factor more than 100. The higher the slower.

To remove shakiness of the Photosequence choose in Effects&Presets WARP and set it to 20% (may be adjusted by you). Choose the best for your project.

Now you are Ready to create more of these awesome Hyperlapse Movies.
This was not so hard. Feel free to comment and we also answer questions below if you wish.


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