Mon. Jun 17th, 2019
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Network Marketing Success – The 5 Best Tips

Recruit, then Sponsor

There’s a difference between recruiting people into a network marketing company and actually sponsoring them to succeed. Some people try to recruit as many people as possible and then hope a few of those people succeed. Others take the time to nurture, sponsor, and grow their recruits into successful salespeople. Guess which type of network marketer is more successful? If you spend time sponsoring your downline to succeed, you’ll be much more likely to earn a nice residual income.

Sell Products You Actually Use and Enjoy

Many people fail at network marketing because they try launching a business in a niche they know little about. Others try to sell products they’ve never used. The most effective marketers, however, sell products they’ve genuinely used and enjoyed.

Always Plan at Least Three Parties Ahead

Sales parties are the most effective tool in the network marketer’s arsenal – whether it’s a product-focused MLM or a recruitment-focused MLM. That’s why you should try to plan at least three parties ahead at all times. Once one party is over, try to make sure you have at least three more lined up on your schedule. This ensures your business will continue to grow as opposed to just staying flat.

Diversify your Marketing

Decades ago, network marketing companies could rely on door-to-door sales and recruitment parties to succeed. Today, there’s a whole new wave of technologies at your disposal. Diversify your marketing to include website development, SEO, social media marketing, direct selling, and other communication strategies. You’ll cast a wider net and be able to cater to multiple demographics.

Avoid Terrorizing your Family and Friends

Have you ever seen a family member or friend join an MLM? If so, then you may have received the recruitment speech at some point or another. It’s okay to be excited after you just joined an MLM. But don’t sacrifice your personal relationships in your quest for money. One of the best recruitment strategies out there is to let your lifestyle do the talking: if your friends see you driving a luxury vehicle and buying nice things for yourself, they’ll naturally become interested in your new business. Let them come to you.

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