Mon. Jun 17th, 2019
therese Lindgren

Therése Lindgren’s Indy Beauty – “Happy and grateful”

Therése Lindgren is one of Sweden’s largest influencers

with over 800,000 Youtube subscribers and 900,000 followers on Instagram.
When we met her a year ago she had just started her own beauty company, Indy Beauty, with the goal of becoming a leader in vegan skin care.

“I have missed affordable and good products that are also vegan and cruelty free. In addition, I have received requests from my followers about this for several years, ”Therése Lindgren told Breakit.

Turnover of SEK 23 million

She started Indy Beauty together with CCS Healthcare Nordic, but it is unclear how ownership is distributed. Now Di Digital reports that Indy Beauty had a turnover of SEK 23 million during the first year. The products are sold through pharmacy chains, Åhlens and Lyko.
“The beauty industry is extremely competitive and most companies find it hard to make money in the first year. That’s why I am very happy and grateful that it has gone so well, ”says Therése Lindgren to Di Digital.


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