Mon. Jun 17th, 2019
The top 3 things big bloggers focus on (and you should too) 1

The top 3 things big bloggers focus on (and you should too)

So you´re thinking about starting a blog? Here are the 3 MAIN things you need to know when starting out as a blogger. Try to not feel so overwhelmed, we´ve all been where you are right now. But fear no more, you just need to focus your energies on the right things.

By now, you’ve probably learned that the main success indicator is traffic. And you must understand that a million page views not necessarily equals an audience of a million people. The key is to have an engaging community. Real people who do real interactions. That’s the main idea of blogging, no? Connecting with others who have the same interests as what you write about.

1. Start Your Blog

So first things first for starting out as a new blogger: GET STARTED. No matter how bad you think your writing is, or how you have not made the perfect board design for your Pinterest. The first major thing about starting a blog is to actually start one. So get out there and learn the BASICS about it.

And let me save you some time: You (will most probably) need a self-hosted blog if you want to own what you are creating. Here is an article where you will find FREE resources from top bloggers to learn what you need to get started out. Plus, it presents the option of FREE hosting, if budget is an issue for you (isn´t it an issue for all of us, really?)

2. Create An Audience For Your Blog

Second thing when starting as a new blogger: AUDIENCE. How to get people from the internet space to visit and read the amazing content that you just created in your cool self-hosted blog? Two words: Social Media. Now, don´t get all excited and start your account on every platform on the planet. This is a baby-steps process. First, see which social media will fit best first, and which second, and so on.

To learn how to manage your social media getting the most traffic out and reaching the right audience, read this article about Social Media Tools everyone needs (and most people use) to help you not lose your mind with so much going on.

3. Get Started With SEO everywhere

Last but absolutely and completely NOT LEAST: Optimize your SEO. You need to pump up your SEO game. Get the best plugin that works for you and check your writing again. Look up your keywords and make sure you are using the right keyphrase in the right places on your posts, so not only people with whom you´re connected with on social media can find you, but also people looking for the answers to their inquiries (which are on your awesome content).

People use search engines, like Google or Pinterest, every day to actively look for content that helps or inspires them. So, if you want to be on top of your traffic and engaging audience game, you need to know which trends to watch out for with your SEO technics. Read more about it here.

Bonus tip: Network Network Network

BONUS TIP: you will find you´re best allies on the blogosphere, people you admire and want to learn from. So just as in other types of jobs, networking is essential to create and nurture relationships online. Read here on the importance of quality networking, not only quantity networking. If you want an engaging audience, you should be engaging as well with the content you consume yourself.

And that is it. Start your blog, create your audience with social media, optimize your SEO so even more people can become part of the audience of your awesome content, and develop your networking game with others in the industry.

Get out there and start creating, the only one stopping you, is yourself.


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